About Last Night’s ‘Mad Men’: Here’s A Real Burger Chef Commercial From 1970

One of the best moments from Mad Men last night — or, maybe, of any show on any night, ever — was the sweet scene between Don and Peggy as they reworked both the ad for Burger Chef and their damaged relationship, culminating in a late-night office slow dance to “My Way.” It was really, really wonderful.

Less wonderful, on the other hand: This actual commercial for Burger Chef circa 1970, a scant one year from when that moment took place. To quote our our managing editor Kris Maske in the UPROXX chat, “That ad makes me feel like families get murdered at Burger Chef.” Which, yeah, kinda, it does, doesn’t it? Some of that is a product of the era, I’m sure, but even beyond the strange cult-y, Children of God vibe it has going on, it’s just … like … someone’s eating french fries while riding a horse. And not ironically, like an Old Spice commercial. Just genuinely, earnestly eating fast food out of a bag while riding a horse. Picture someone pitching that to Don in a meeting. Picture Stan pitching that to Don. Picture the dismissive, eye-rolling bloodbath that would take place. Not even drunk, tailspinning Don Draper would sign off on that.

You know what? No. Scratch that. This has Lou Avery written all over it. That son of a bitch.

Source: @sepinwall