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Kelly Killoren Bensimon, the 40-year-old “housewife” (she’s divorced and remains unmarried) added to this season’s “Real Housewives of New York City,” was arrested last week for punching her boyfriend, 30-year-old Nicholas Stefanov.

Bensimon… hit him “with a closed fist, thereby causing informant to suffer a laceration below informant’s
left eye and substantial pain,” the criminal complaint he filed with police charges…

In an exclusive interview, Stefanov said he still loves Bensimon, but blamed stress from their recent engagement and the pressure of being on the show for causing her to snap.

Killoren Bensimon’s lawyer denies all of the allegations, and that’s good, because domestic abuse is a serious issue not to be taken lightly.  Unless it’s the man who’s getting battered, in which case full speed ahead!  You mess with a cougar, you gonna get the CLAWS, baby!  RAWR!!!

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