Real Life ‘Breaking Bad’: Middle School Tutor With Stage III Cancer Arrested In Meth Bust

In the latest example of real life mimicking our favorite cable dramas, a Massachusetts middle school tutor who is undergoing chemotherapy for stage III cancer was recently arrested on drug trafficking charges after allegedly receiving a package filled with over 400 grams of meth.

Former state representative Stephen W. Doran was held Wednesday on $10,000 bail ­after he was charged with drug trafficking in allegedly receiving a package containing more than 400 grams of meth­amphetamine at a Jamaica Plain school where he worked as a tutor, authorities said. […]

Inside the package, police found two baggies containing 480 grams of a crystalline substance believed to be meth­amphetamine, a highly addictive stimulant, authorities said.

Authorities said they found another 38 grams of the same substance, about $10,000 in cash, a digital scale, and other drug-distribution paraphernalia inside his home on Dix Street in Dorchester. Prosecutors estimated the total street value of the drugs at $50,000. [Boston Globe]

So, if you’re keeping score at home, this gives us a real life Justified crime story and a real life Breaking Bad crime story. Now all we need is a bunch of advertising executives getting arrested for possession of mind-altering butt drugs, a zombie-related ax murder in Atlanta, and an attractive blonde woman getting picked up for letting her fire-breathing dragons run amok, and we’ll have the complete set.

(Via Gawker)