Meet The Canadian Woman Whose Kitchen Is Straight Out Of ‘The Simpsons’

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If you thought that you were the biggest Simpsons fan, think again. That distinction goes to Canadian Marcia Andreychuk, who has turned her own retro 1950s kitchen into a 100 percent spot-on recreation of Marge Simpson’s kitchen.

This video shows how she’s done it, and it isn’t as hard as you would think. “We had the same bones as the Simpsons kitchen,” she explained to CBC News. It was just a matter of getting a light blue countertop (only 20 Canadian dollars), and using contact paper to make the cabinets the same purple as in the show.

Andreychuk has also made her stove lime green, and has other kitchen supplies that match Marge’s decorating scheme. She hopes that one day she can get “retro-looking” appliances, however, instead of upholstering her more modern ones.

The whole thing, which is still a work in progress, looks great without that much expense. Reflecting on why she would want to embark on such a project, Andreychuck answers with a great rhetorical question: “Who wouldn’t want corn cob curtains?”

Really makes you think, doesn’t it? Excuse me, while I go scour eBay for some corn cob curtains of my own, even though I don’t currently have my own kitchen to hang them up in.

(via CBC News)