‘Real World’ Cast Member Sues ‘Entourage,’ World LOLs

10.05.11 8 Comments

In a story noted legal expert Me is calling “stuffed to the gills with a buttload of LOLs,” a former “Real World” cast member is suing HBO and the creators of “Entourage” for besmirching his good name. In the American system of justice, this is referred to as “the pot calling the kettle a d-bag.” From The Hollywood Reporter:

Reality star John Devenanzio, who says he is popularly known in the entertainment world as “Johnny Bananas,” has gone ahead with threats and sued the producers of the recently completed HBO series, Entourage. The plaintiff is demanding that the network be permanently barred from distributing episodes containing “Johnny Bananas,” which would wipe out the seventh and last season of the show.

This past summer, Devenanzio, who appeared as a cast member on MTV’s The Real World Key West and several other MTV reality shows, had his lawyer fire off a cease-and-desist letter to HBO.

The threats apparently did nothing to scare the network.

So, on Monday, Devenanzio filed a complaint in New York Superior Court against HBO, parent Time Warner, and “Entourage” creator Doug Ellin.

While I support Mr. Bananas’ mission to lock away the final season of “Entourage” in a vault somewhere, his claims seem a little far-fetched. I really only see one way for him to win this lawsuit… that’s right, hire Franklin and Bash. Now just hear me out. This is a case that rests on shaky legal ground and features a reality television star suing the makers of a douchey Hollywood-based television show. The only way this could be more up Franklin and Bash’s alley is if there were a dozen prostitute witnesses and the key piece of evidence was a penis pump. Which, for the record, none of us can rule out at this point. God I miss that show.

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