03.19.09 10 years ago 6 Comments

Tonight marks the sixth anniversary of the United States’ invasion of Iraq, and whether the timing was intentional or not, last night’s episode of “The Real World: Brooklyn” aired its first slightly relevant moment in at least a decade.  The episode, which featured the cast members reacting to the election of Barack Obama, also included the news that Ryan Conklin — an Army vet who spent a year in Iraq — was being activated and would be going back to Iraq.

In a clip on the New York Post’s Pop Wrap, Ryan is shown wearing an Uncle Sam outfit on election night and celebrating with his cast members saying, “I’m not going back to Iraq.”  The next cut, of course, is him getting the call from his brother about receiving orders.  I’m sure that’s just how it happened.  Thanks for keeping it real, MTV.

Anyway, Ryan — who ships out with the North Carolina National Guard on April 15th — redeemed himself for that Uncle Sam costume with a humble and well-spoken interview.  Now get a haircut, soldier!  Ya look like a damn hippie communist fag!

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