Reality Dating Meets ‘Survivor’

11.15.10 7 years ago 11 Comments

NBC is planning a reality show for summer 2011 that will fuse jungle-survival-challenge reality TV with dating-game reality TV. Produced by Tom Shelly (“Dating in the Dark,” “Survivor”), the series will be called “Love in the Wild.”

Twenty men and women will pair up each week in the middle of the jungle. Each couple is dropped into a remote location with nothing but a map and each other to rely on. Along the way, they’re put through challenges that test them emotionally and physically. At the end of the day, some of the couples will be treated to various romantic indulgences at a romantic oasis. After, they’ll have the choice of staying with their partner or switching for the next challenge. [THR]

I hate to say this about a reality show, but… I don’t hate the concept. I’ve always felt that “Survivor” needs more Kate & Sawyer-style cage-bonin’ (see bottom of post), while crap like “Bachelor/Bachelorette” is sexy but lacking in real drama (that is, drama that comes from something BESIDES someone’s feelings getting hurt).

By the way, while we’re on the subject of jungle fever (kind of), this Swedish video for interracial dating is amazing:

I’m far too lazy to verify if this was actually paid for by the Swedish government, but the video description from YouTube is so racist that it reads like a parody of racism:

The government of Sweden paid for this video and is broadcasting it in Sweden and is promoting race mixing. It shows a woman having sex with a Negro while singing the Swedish National Anthem. The Jew (Hittites) are promoting this filth and soon they will be promoting this race mixing filth world wide in a more aggressive manner soon. Race mixing is a tool of the Communists that they use in order to destroy nations. “Thou shalt not commit adultery,” basically forbids race mixing and sleeping with another man’s wife.

Race mixing is forbidden in scripture! The AntiChrist (Hittites) are trying to destroy God’s original creation. The White Race is God’s original creation, the first word of man in Genesis in a concordance is actually Adam, which means a Human Being, to flush, and to show blood in the face. Only the white race can flush, blush, and show blood in the face! The other races was not created by God. So people get a clue, nonwhites cannot be saved because they are the AntiChrist along with the Jew (Hittite).

Oh man, people still use the word “Hittite”? Race mixing is a Communist tool? Adultery includes fornicating outside one’s race? Ha ha, you racists are the best.

High-res screen caps via the charming bohemea:

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