These Reality Show Contestants Found Out Their Show Got Canceled After Spending A Year In The Wilderness

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Contestants for a British reality show were shocked to learn their show was cancelled after spending a year in the wilderness. This may not seem like a big deal, but the show in question Eden, had 23 contestants living in the Scottish wilderness for nearly a year and they had no idea when the show would end. But the network in charge decided that, as it only lasted for four episodes.

In today’s quick turnaround of reality shows, it’s not surprising to see competition shows get the boot early. If it’s not connecting with audiences, executives don’t seem to have a problem taking it off their schedule. But Eden was a bit different, as the goal was to build a society from the ground up on a 600-acre estate in a remote section in the west coast of Scotland. The network showing the show, Channel 4, said in a statement the program was more of a social experiment than a challenge-like show. And how The New York Times writes, it was pretty intense:

The contestants were on an uninhabited private estate that the Ministry of Defense used as a training ground during World War II, The Radio Times of London reported. A six-foot fence was erected on three sides of the estate, with the fourth side bordered by the sea.

Unlike American reality television shows, such as the “Survivor” series — in which contestants compete against one another — “Eden” had no winners or losers. It was intended to feature the making of a society from scratch.

Contestants reportedly were getting agitated from lack of food, boredom and getting bit by the local bug population, and only 10 contestants remained by the end of filming. So with all those things, you can’t blame the contestants for being a little frustrated their sacrifices were a waste. But there’s a little hope, as The Guardian notes, Channel 4 will be bringing the show back later this year.

(Via The New York Times)