Jimmy Kimmel Even Let Matt Damon Help Out With His Star-Studded AIDS Fundraiser

There are many things to be said about Bono, and iTunes users have gone through many of them. But the musician sure knows a thing or two about donating to a cause. Bono’s (RED) charity has been helping AIDS victims all over the world, and in collaboration with VICE Media, a few of his celebrity buddies came through for a special World AIDS Day Edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live to offer you a chance at a special celebrity experience. For instance, Kimmel will offer to fly you out to a show and give your kids “the talk,” because who wants to have that conversation? A few celebs also gave a video explanations of their offers.

Matt Damon will let you wait with him in his Kimmel dressing room for the whole show.

Tom Brady will let you snap a football and slap you on the butt.

Shaq offered a Christmas photo, which, sure, it’s for charity.

If you need a painting of yourself to hang in your home, why not get one from James Franco?

Snoop will accompany you to a “wellness retreat” on April 20, because of course he will.

But celebrity experiences aren’t the only things available. A number of items from Gilt are available to buy with a part of the proceeds going to (RED).

You can check out the full list of items to buy from Gilt and all of the celebrity opportunities from OMAZE. For every dollar raised, The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation will match, up to $20 million, so feel free to donate early and often.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)