Jimmy Kimmel Even Let Matt Damon Help Out With His Star-Studded AIDS Fundraiser

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There are many things to be said about Bono, and iTunes users have gone through many of them. But the musician sure knows a thing or two about donating to a cause. Bono’s (RED) charity has been helping AIDS victims all over the world, and in collaboration with VICE Media, a few of his celebrity buddies came through for a special World AIDS Day Edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live to offer you a chance at a special celebrity experience. For instance, Kimmel will offer to fly you out to a show and give your kids “the talk,” because who wants to have that conversation? A few celebs also gave a video explanations of their offers.

Matt Damon will let you wait with him in his Kimmel dressing room for the whole show.

Tom Brady will let you snap a football and slap you on the butt.

Shaq offered a Christmas photo, which, sure, it’s for charity.

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