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Sergeant Bustopher Jones is on the case of the Ryan Jenkins suicide

It’s funny because he’s an awful person. A short preview of the upcoming Season 7 of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” I lose the respect of someone cool every time I say this show doesn’t do it for me. [Buzzfeed]

Those Miss Universe girls are kinda attractive. A gallery of Miss Universe contestants at work (in bikinis) and at play (in bikinis).  [Big League Screw]

A list of celebrities’ bastard children. Fortunately, the focus is on the hot moms and not the kids.  [Getback]

Uh oh, political discourse: Glenn Beck returns from vacation having lost 33 advertisers because he called Barack Obama a racist. [The Live Feed]

For an elite group of geeks. “Pushing Daisies” creator Bryan Fuller discusses the comic book adaptation of his series.  A question I would have liked asked: “Will Kristen Chenoweth’s character still have a giant rack?”  [ComicsAlliance]

Supercougars! The 25 hottest Hollywood women over the age of 50.  Unfortunately, Madonna made this list, but there are some noteworthy inclusions.  I’m uncomfortably attracted to Helen Mirren, for example.  [Uncoached]

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