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My overwhelming disdain for “American Idol” keeps me from providing decent coverage of the most-watched show on television; however, if two hot women get into a fight, I’ll cover the story even if it’s happening on the set of “Entourage.”

Such was the case with last night’s “Idol,” when Kara DioGuardi and guest judge Katy Perry butted heads over little disagreements before it got downright catty. When DioGuardi teased Perry by singing “I Kissed a Girl,” Perry shot back, “Please stop before I throw my Coke in your face” — which, as noted earlier, would be an unintended use for a product placement. Anyway, this little scene has sparked all sorts of “controversy,” as Perry said that she’d take a full-time gig as an “Idol” judge, while DioGuardi dismissed the notion of a feud. Basically, it’s the same B.S. non-story that comes out of the “American Idol” news cycle three or four times per season.

Anyway, I’ve got video below, but the real story, as always, is Katy Perry’s boobs. If I flew a WWII bomber, I’d want her painted on the fuselage. (And yes: Warming Glow will now be accepting “paint her fuselage” innuendos in the comments.)

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