Relive All Of The Funniest News Bloopers Of 2014 With The Annual ‘Best Of’ Supercut

If you haven’t been paying attention for most of the year or are new to the site, this supercut should be able to get you up to speed. All of the best news bloopers from 2014 are collected here (as they are each year) in one easy to watch video.

Want to hear Freudian slip after Freudian slip? It’s here. Drunken camera hogs looking for fame? Click play. Samuel L. Jackson lecturing about what it is like to NOT be Laurence Fishburne? You better believe that one is here. There’s even a few I forgot about like the guy from the rave house party and the blizzard joggers that fell on their ass post-interview.

It might seem like a cheap way to put out a video, but the damn thing is effective.

(Via NewsBeFunny)