Relive The Final Season Of ‘Breaking Bad’ With These Gorgeous Minimalist Posters For Each Episode

As if he wasn’t busy enough, prolific comic book artist Francesco Francavilla — whom our own Dan Seitz recently called “one of the most talented artists currently putting out work in comics” — has been working on an ambitious side project: creating minimalist posters for every episode of Breaking Bad.

Francavilla hasn’t even finished the project yet (after completing the first two seasons he skipped ahead to tackle each of the final eight episodes as they aired), and his illustrations have already earned the ultimate compliment: Breaking Bad‘s producers used eight of his posters in an exclusive hardcover book they put together for the cast and crew.

Click through to see the gorgeous posters Francesco created for each of the episodes during the series’ final season, and check out his Tumblr to track the project’s progress (handy archive here). You can also find more of Francavilla’s work on his website and keep up with him on Twitter.

Blood Money



Rabid Dog



Ozymandias (An Episode So Good, It Deserved Two Posters)

Granite State