Remember Paz De La Huerta? Neither Does This Fantastic ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Farewell

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10.24.14 8 Comments

Boardwalk Empire ends its five-season run this Sunday. If the previous season finales are any indication, it will be fantastic and lots of people will die. Yay! The episode can only contain so many surprises — we know, for instance, that Luciano, Lansky, and Capone don’t die — but Boardwalk can catch us off guard: by bringing back Lucy, as played human mink coat Paz de la Huerta. The last time we saw her was back in season two, when she left baby Abigail with her father, Nelson Van Alden.

It’s been quite the roller coaster of emotions ever since (also, don’t bring her back). If you piece together the headlines from the stories we’ve written about Paz since February 2012, you get, “Oh, Glorious Bottomless Mess Paz de la Huerta Fired on Shaved Vagina Nudity” (coming next fall to Showtime). So it’s not really a surprise that Lucy appears in HBO’s fantastic farewell to Boardwalk Empire video for all of five seconds, two of which are when she’s nude, not facing the camera. What a legacy.

Meanwhile, Michael Shannon is apparently a big, fat party animal:

That’s my second favorite thing about the clip, after Kelly Macdonald’s voice.

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