Remember That Time Jay Leno Played A VD Clinic Patient On An Episode Of ‘Good Times’?

Jay Leno may have just strolled denim clad into sunset last week — hopefully for the last time this time — but if you’re missing him already I have the perfect antidote for you: This amazing clip from a 1976 episode of Good Times in which he plays a poor, venereal disease-saddled man who J.J. befriends in the waiting room of a clinic. It is AMAZING, and according to IMDB, Leno’s first ever acting gig.

So the only question left on my mind is, what kind of venereal disease(s) do you think Jay Leno had? Was it Chlamydia or was he more of Herpes guy? Gonorrhea, Hepatitis or Syphilis? Although this is Jay Leno we’re talking about here, and he probably can’t even get VD right — so I guess I’m just going to have to go with a mix of yeast infection and crabs.