Reminder: There’s A 10-Episode ‘Community’ Marathon On Comedy Central Today

Senior Pop Culture Editor
09.15.13 12 Comments

As if today wasn’t already busy enough with football, The Newsroom finale, the penultimate episode of Dexter (hahahaha), Boardwalk Empire, the “best episode of television ever,” and ugh, talking to your family, oh yeah, Community begins its syndicated run on Comedy Central this afternoon with a 10-episode marathon. Sorry, DVR.

Here are the episodes airing today, with all times EST.

11:30AM Pilot (101)
12:01PM Cooperative Calligraphy (208)
12:34PM Contemporary Impressionists (312)
1:07PM Intermediate Documentary Filmaking (216)
1:39PM Documentary Filmaking: Redux (308)
2:12PM Digital Exploration of Interior Design Pt. 1 (313)
2:44PM Pillows and Blankets Pt. 2 (314)
3:16PM Modern Warfare (123)
3:49PM A Fistfull of Painballs Pt. 1 (223)
4:20PM For a Few Paintballs More Pt. 2 (224)

How will Comedy Central fans react to a lack of back-to-back Scary Movie 4 Sunday screenings? Only time will tell.

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