The New ‘Reno 911!’ ‘Holiday Survival PSA’ Is Here To Help You Survive Your Family Feuds

Two things people love in 2018: Reunions for old brands and lessons on how to survive mentally (and even physically) during the holidays circa the Trump era. So here’s a gold mine: a minute-long video that brings back (some of) the cast of Reno 911!, the bygone cop comedy show to dole out some lessons how to deal with the family feuds you’re either about to walk into or already having. Of course, they’ve done the holiday tip video rounds before.

Granted, it wasn’t a full-fledged reunion. It was just a quartet, most prominently Thomas Lennon’s Lieutenant Jim Dangle and Kerri Kenney-Silver’s Deputy Wiegel. Robert Ben Garant’s Deputy Junior soon swung by, and the group mimed a Christmas night dinner that quickly erupted into a tussle. Their solution? It’s very elegant and very Reno 911!

The Reno 911! show ended in 2009 after six seasons. A movie — the (intentionally) confusingly titled Reno 911!: Miami — arrived in 2007. There’s been talk of another movie for the last year, but so far it hasn’t materialized. Team Reno 911! is padded out with many alums of The State, the sketch comedy collective that also featured such luminaries as Ken Marino, Michael Ian Black, David Wain, and Michael Showalter, who all put in the odd cameo appearance during the show’s Comedy Central run.

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