Watch This Reporter Valiantly Fight Through Rivers Of Snot To Report On The Blizzard Of 2016

Whenever there’s a major and crippling weather event like this weekend’s #Blizzard2016, you tend to hear life-affirming stories about the best of mankind, willing to rise above and become ordinary, everyday heroes in the face of adversity. Take for example, these New Yorkers who were willing to work together to assist an ambulance that was trapped in the snow. (But please disregard my fellow Philadelphians who chose to pelt reporters with snowballs.)

Such was the case with Nashville’s News Channel 5 reporter Alexandra Koehn, who bravely stood her ground to bring central Tennessee hard-hitting coverage of the blizzard, all while the brisk air caused torrents of snot to flow freely from her nostrils. But did Alexandra Koehn stop to wipe her face? No, she did not. Because she is a professional, and the news can’t wait. Instead, she fearlessly continued, perhaps knowing that she was going to be ridiculed far and wide on the internet.

But did Nashvillians get the information they needed about slush freezing up and emergency shelters for the displaced and homeless? You bet your asses they did. And that is why, to me, Alexandra Koehn was the ultimate picture of courage during this winter storm.

(Via Daily Mail)