Watch This Retiring WFAA News Anchor Get Surprised By A Teen She Helped Get Adopted


I mean, CMON. Either I am ovulating or this video has touched the part of me that is normally reserved for the scene in The Sixth Man when Marlon Wayans cries at the water fountain and says “I miss you son” to his recently departed brother (played by the sublime Kadeem Hardison).

In 2007 WFAA Dallas News anchor Gloria Campos featured 7-year old Ke’onte Cook on her frequent segment about children up for adoption called “Wednesday’s Child”. Cook was adopted, but then un-adopted less than 2 years later. Well, in 2009 Campos once again featured Cook, who finally found a home with a nice family.

Now that Campos is retiring after a 30-year career on-air, the WFAA station brought back Ke’onte to say hello. Take a look:

I mean, that’s some good catharsis right there. I’m so glad Campos didn’t freak out when she saw a teenager rushing towards her, that could have ended far, far differently.

So with this clip and the awesome defense of Michael Sam by the same network’s Dale Hansen, Texas is looking very progressive. Maybe everything we’ve thought about Texas is wrong…oh wait, nevermind.

via Youtube