Retta From ‘Parks And Rec’ Shut Down Some Jackass Emmys Seat-Filler She Got Stuck Sitting Next To

08.26.14 5 years ago 43 Comments

We love Retta, the prolific tweeting alter ego of Parks and Recreation’s Donna, and last night at the Emmys she reminded us why by live-tweeting her experience and, in doing so, revealed a particularly insufferable dude she got stuck sitting next to. The way I understand it, Retta had originally been seated next to Emmys hero Billy Eichner, but when Eichner got up to introduce the hilarious segment he had pre-recorded with Seth Meyers, the awards show apparently stuck a “seat filler” to take his place. This displeased Retta, who shared her irritating experience for our enjoyment:

And THAT is how you get sh*t done. I have no idea how some wannabe extra mouth-breathing yokel winds up getting a second row prime seat at a major awards show, but hopefully that the Emmys will do a better job of screening their seat fillers from now on.

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