Retta From ‘Parks And Rec’ Shut Down Some Jackass Emmys Seat-Filler She Got Stuck Sitting Next To

We love Retta, the prolific tweeting alter ego of Parks and Recreation’s Donna, and last night at the Emmys she reminded us why by live-tweeting her experience and, in doing so, revealed a particularly insufferable dude she got stuck sitting next to. The way I understand it, Retta had originally been seated next to Emmys hero Billy Eichner, but when Eichner got up to introduce the hilarious segment he had pre-recorded with Seth Meyers, the awards show apparently stuck a “seat filler” to take his place. This displeased Retta, who shared her irritating experience for our enjoyment:

And THAT is how you get sh*t done. I have no idea how some wannabe extra mouth-breathing yokel winds up getting a second row prime seat at a major awards show, but hopefully that the Emmys will do a better job of screening their seat fillers from now on.