Retta Revealed The Real Reason For The ‘Parks And Recreation’ Time Jump

All this time, creator Michael Schur has been feeding us lies about the Parks and Recreation season finale time jump. That is so not tremendous, Ken. He’s been going on and on about “doing things unexpected and throwing people off-balance,” and “imagining a sort of J.J. Abrams-style development,” and so on. But the decision to leap forward came down to: 1) someone really wanted to cast Jon Hamm as a doofus, and 2) well, let Retta explain.

What did you think of the time jump? I was so surprised.

I never knew that was going to happen. Here’s the thing: I don’t ever read the script, so I just never read it. I only read what I get when we have to shoot, and because I wasn’t in those last scenes…But I watched the show. Actually, I saw Amy Poehler at Aziz Ansari’s birthday party and she was like, “I’m not working with babies, so I told them we’re doing a time jump so I don’t have to work with babies.”

Ha, that’s funny!

She was like, “I just had two kids. I’ve had my share of babies for the last three years. I’m not doing another year of babies. Especially triplets.” (Via)

The world thanks you, Amy. The last thing Parks and Rec fans want in the final season are goofy “BEN AND LESLIE CHANGE DIAPERS” plots, although if you replace “Ben and Leslie” with “Jean-Ralphio and Li’l Sebastian’s ghost”…I’m listening. Also, from the same interview with Retta.

What do you plan on keeping from the set?

Probably Ron’s gold gun. There’s a lot of stuff, though. I have to look around. Our propmaster is really awesome about getting stuff, like if we really like something, she’ll try and get us an extra one. I don’t know if I could get that gun, but that’s what I want.

Save a question mark sticker for me.

Via Vulture