Forrest Tries To Pull A William Tell In This Clip From The Next ‘Review.’ What Could Go Wrong?


Watching Comedy Central’s Review is, largely, an exercise in waiting for disaster to strike. Sometimes the looming disaster plays out like you think it will, like when viewers requested that Forrest become a racist, or divorce his wife. Other times the looming disaster is something else entirely, like when his quest for the perfect body resulted in law enforcement staging a raid on the cult he had been excommunicated from, all of which ended with dead bodies littered in a field and his father’s house getting destroyed by fire for the second time this season. Review is not a boring show.

In this teaser clip for the next episode, it appears we have one of the more obvious disasters awaiting us. I mean, Forrest — a character who has been shot and stabbed multiple times in this season alone — has an apple on his head and bow and arrow aimed at him, recreating the classic William Tell stunt. Your gut reaction, probably, is to watch it and say to yourself, “Well, that arrow is definitely going into Forrest.” Certainly not an unreasonable leap to make.

But here’s the thing about Review: that arrow could go anywhere. Into his eye? Sure! Into the leg of an innocent bystander? Yup! Into the lights in the ceiling, setting off a Rube Goldberg machine of calamity that does stop until two city blocks have been leveled! Can’t rule it out!

I repeat: Review is not a boring show.

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