Andy Daly ‘Embraced’ The Decision To End ‘Review’ After Three Seasons

There are many ways to describe Review, the Comedy Central series about a regular dude who acts as a critic of his everyday life experiences and reviews them to the audience on a show, which also happens to be named Review.

Andy Daly, the creator and star of Review, sat down recently with The Believer to talk about Review, which will end after its current third season wraps up. Daly, who has been hilarious in many shows and movies, from Eastbound and Down to Silicon Valley, offered a very reasonable and pertinent take on why Review is going to be over after just three seasons and why he thinks it’s the right move for the show.

“Comedy Central came to us with the idea of wrapping up the story of Forrest MacNeil in a third and final season, and we embraced the idea. I like it when shows end intentionally, and Review, especially, has such a long form narrative that it feels like you need to give it a thoughtfully constructed finale. I don’t want to give anything away, but I’d say our basic aspiration is for Review to feel like a complete library that can be binged for a long time to come.”

In the interview, Daly also expounds on whether or not his character, Forrest MacNeil, is an addict, whether or not the series bucks politically correct conventions (and how he feels about that particular term), where he finds the heart of the show, and much more.

Review will be missed but given the cleverness and creativity of both the show and its star, it likely won’t be long before Daly brings us something equally as enjoyable.

(Via The Believer)