What Should Forrest MacNeil’s Final Review On ‘Review’ Be?

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After 50-plus reviews, including six five-star reviews, Forrest MacNeil will file his final review during “Last Review,” tonight’s series finale of Review. (I promise I’ll stop saying the word “review” so much. Also, Andy Daly hasn’t actually said it’s the finale, but Comedy Central is billing this season as “The Final Season,” and the episode is called “Cryogenics; Lightning; Last Review.” I hope I’m wrong, but it’s probably the finale.) He’s already made a sex tape, gotten divorced, visited a glory hole, lived like Helen Keller, attended a sex party, lead a cult, eaten a moldy Locorito and 30 pancakes, and, oh yeah, committed murder — what’s left?

We have some ideas for creator and star Andy Daly.

Running for President

Considering the current political climate in the United States and, consequentially, the rest of the world, it’s quite obvious what Forrest is reviewing in “Last Review”: running for president. American television viewers are, after all, living under the reign of President Donald Trump — the very man who caused “World War III” to trend because Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham were mean to him. After everything he’s endured, what could Forrest possibly due that would eclipse the New York real estate mogul’s batsh*t presidential campaign? (Hint: Anything, really.) Rating: zero stars, because that’s how many we’ll see in the sky during nuclear winter. — Andrew Husband


My pick for the last review of Review would be “What is it like to die?” This is incredibly bleak for a comedy, which would make it, well, kind of perfect for Review. Right? They’ve been mining humor from the blackest possible situations from Day 1, so I’m sure they could do it with Forrest reviewing his own demise. Like, I could see him being more conflicted about how to give death a rating if he’s not alive to do it than with the actual mechanics and finality of ending his life. (The man takes his job seriously.) But even as I type this, I feel like I’m being presumptuous. Who am I to tell them how to end this show, especially after all the incredible twists they’ve given us during the show’s run? (R.I.P. Fred Willard.) I’m sure they’ll figure it out.

FINAL REVIEW: What is it like to die?
NULL Stars, because Forrest is gone but zero is impossible — Brian Grubb


The last review on Review should be survival.

Grant and the rest of Forrest’s workmates all end up hunting the former host for the rest of his days. Everybody but Grant gives up because he never really did forgive him for paralyzing him.

Three stars for the hunt, four stars for the blaze of glory that ends the show.

Also, didn’t this show just come back. Now it’s gone. — Andrew Roberts

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