On ‘You’re The Worst,’ Jimmy Builds A Tree House And Lindsay Makes A Choice

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BY: Alan Sepinwall 11.03.16


A quick review of tonight’s You’re the Worst coming up just as soon as I try to eat an area rug…

Where You’re the Worst can struggle at times with more traditionally-structured ensemble episodes designed to give each main character his or her own storyline, “Talking to Me, Talking to Me” felt nicely balanced, and equally bittersweet throughout. It helped that Gretchen’s quest for mindfulness linked together her story with Jimmy and Lindsay’s, but this was the rare YTW of this type where none of the stories felt underfed.

If I have any major objection at all, it’s that Paul’s cameo (via text, jpg, and audio message) in the Lindsay subplot seemed to fly in the face of what we saw of him in “The Seventh Layer.” In that one, it seemed he had finally accepted that Lindsay was an awful person who didn’t love him, and he was sticking with her only for the sake of the baby. Here, he’s back in full oblivious/adoring mode, which is designed to give her second thoughts about having an abortion. That didn’t track, but the rest of that story hit the sweet spot between sad and comic, particularly in the moment where the anti-abortion protestor admits to Gretchen that she would make an exception in Lindsay’s case, considering how messed-up the whole situation is.

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