The Final Season Of ‘Review’ Has A Trailer And Things Are Getting Really Dark For Forrest

Peak TV is currently scheduled to take over everyone’s lives in April. Thankfully, the third and final season of Comedy Central’s spectacular mockumentary series Review will gently grace us with its presence Thursday, March 16 — a solid two weeks before April’s onslaught. Though considering Review‘s chief goal is the physical, emotional and mental embarrassment of its protagonist — the hapless but determined Forrest MacNeal, as played by the always fantastic Andy Daly — “gently” and “grace” probably aren’t the right words. Especially considering the new trailer Comedy Central just released.

Framed by a conversation between Forrest and his ex-wife Suzanne (Jessica St. Clair), whom he divorced for the purpose of reviewing the experience, the nearly two-minute preview of the third season sees the show-within-a-show’s host rising above the sordid events of season two. Or as Daly explained in an exclusive interview with Variety:

“One thing that always makes me laugh about Forrest is that so often, he will get an assignment and receive it as good news and head out into the world like, ‘This is finally going to be the one that ends up being a totally positive experience!’ And it never seems to dawn on him that that doesn’t happen. One way or another, either through his own incompetence or just the cruelty of the world, he’s going to end up being laid low by everything he takes on. But he doesn’t seem to ever realize that that’s going to happen, or the extent to which it has happened.”

Forrest’s awful life choices notwithstanding, we obviously have to give the new Review trailer a million stars. It’s what Forrest would want.

(Via Variety)