Disappointed In This Season Of ‘The Walking Dead’? You’re Not Alone

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12.01.16 27 Comments


Earlier this week, in the context of the latest episode of The Walking Dead, we discussed the faltering ratings of the series over the course of not just this season, but last season, as well. It’s still the top-rated show on cable, but the ratings aren’t what they used to be, and those ratings continue to drop week after week after week. There are a lot of reasons we might be able to attribute to the decline, but the main reason is this: The Walking Dead just isn’t as good as it used to be.

That’s not just my opinion, either. It’s the opinion of both audiences and critics, as scored by Rotten Tomatoes. Granted, this is not a show that’s ever been as highly rated as Game of Thrones (94 percent), Mr. Robot (96 percent), Better Call Saul (97 percent), or Fargo (98 percent), but in its peak seasons (3-5), The Walking Dead received high marks from critics (88 percent, 86 percent, and 90 percent, respectively).

Now? Not so much. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the seventh season is currently sitting at a lousy 77 percent, even with the benefit of one episode at 97 percent raising the score (the second episode, which introduced Ezekiel and the Kingdom). Keep in mind, too, that critic’s scores on Rotten Tomatoes are compiled by critics who still like the show enough to continue watching it (like myself), while the show’s bigger detractors (like Alan Sepinwall or Donna Dickens) have quit the show and are no longer contributing to its scores.

It’s not just critics, either. The audience rating is a similarly mediocre 78 percent.

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