Richard Grieco Would Like To Sell You A Bottle He Painted For $1800

There was a time when Richard Grieco was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, a heartthrob who dated starlets like Christina Applegate and Yasmine Bleeth. He was what the guys in the “Night at the Roxbury” SNL skit aspired to be. Young girls had his poster up on their bedroom walls. But that time is long gone. It was called the 90s.

Today, Grieco looks like the guy in the photo above, the result, presumably, of years of hard-living and perhaps even some bad plastic surgery. He’s also an artist now — one who specializes in “abstract emotionalism” — and for the bargain basement price of $1800 he’ll paint a bottle for you which you can buy through his website. He calls them “soul bottles.”

“Though they are bottles, they are the perfect conduit for pure emotion. It is almost like having a small piece of life in your hands and molding it. Whether it be emotionally, physically, or mentally its all from the purity of the soul. It is the perfect unbridled hands on piece to connect with a person.”

Each Soul Bottle stands 17.5 inches tall and is one of a kind.

Each Soul Bottle is priced at $1,800

Here’s a pic from his website of Grieco creating one of his soul bottles…

Richard, you’ve come a long way from 21 Jump Street, baby.

Thanks for the tip, Abby!