Richard Hammond Gives An Update From His Hospital Bed Following His Terrifying ‘Grand Tour’ Crash

Richard Hammond has a very important message he’s like to share with you: “I’m not dead.”

Hammond shared an update on how he’s doing following a horrific looking car crash in Switzerland and he’s in considerably good spirits for a human being that went through such a nasty wreck.

Speaking to fans, family, friends and well-wishers in a DriveTribe video, The Grand Tour star apologized to his wife and kids for the frightening scene and thanked the medical staff for their help. (He also was thankful for a smuggled in bottle of gin.) Hammond was airlifted to hospital following the crash and it certainly appeared that things could have been much much worse.

“I don’t know what went wrong. Hopefully, when he comes out of surgery and is feeling up to it, he will be able to tell us,” wrote co-host Jeremy Clarkson about the wreck. “What I do know is that I genuinely thought he was dead….”

Speaking with the Sunday Mirror, The Grand Tour executive producer Andy Wilman laid out how scary of a scene Hammond’s accident was.

“Jeremy and James [May] both raced down to the scene of the crash as soon as it happened,” said Wilman. “When they saw the wreckage on fire they thought Richard was dead. It was really bad.”

Thankfully, Hammond is very much alive even if his “Swiss Army knee” did suffer some damage in the whole affair. Considering photos we saw of his vehicle, it’s a borderline miraculous outcome.