Here’s How Twitter Reacted To The Most Joyous Surprise In ‘The Walking Dead’ History


Throughout the six seasons of The Walking Dead, there have been a number of shocking turns, but almost all of them have been of the devastating variety. The Walking Dead, after all, is a show that pushes the limits on violence and gore. In fact, if there’s one knock on the series, it’s often that it is unrelentingly bleak. It concerns a world overrun by zombies, after all, and hope is not exactly in huge supply.

It’s been a long time, in fact, since the series has given us a moment of pure joy. There have certainly been moments of relief, but there’s been little reason to smile while watching The Walking Dead, maybe since Judith was reunited with Rick and Carl.

That changed tonight, when Rick and Michonne hooked up in the midst of a fairly lightweight episode, by The Walking Dead standards anyway. Fans have been shipping Rick and Michonne for a couple of years now, but the idea that the two of them might end up together seemed like a dim and distant possibility. Rick had either been grieving over Lori or mooning over Jessie, so it came as a huge surprise to most fans when the two — after a brief time jump, only weeks after the death of Jessie — ended up sleeping together.

It could’ve felt like fan service, something the writers rushed together to please the Richonne shippers, but it didn’t. It felt right. It felt inevitable. It felt awesome.

Twitter certainly agreed.

The first scene in the episode teased what was coming, and got viewers wondering.

In the episode’s ending sequence, however, Scott Gimple and Co. confirmed, and Twitter went berserk.

So,basically this, but in a good way:

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