‘Rick And Morty’ Hints At An Action-Packed Upcoming Season With A New Anime-Style Teaser

We still don’t have an ETA of season four of Rick and Morty, which concluded its incredible third season nearly a year ago. But in the meantime, Adult Swim is teasing fans with an anime-style teaser that envisions the titular duo like we’ve never seen them before, with Beth and Summer once again along for the ride.

The clip also gives us some blasts from the pasts in the form of Snuffles from “Lawnmower Dog” outfitted in his robotic suit, the floating Cromulon heads from “Get Schwifty,” Morty’s giant arm from “Rickmancing the Stone,” and even an appearance by Squanchy. Sadly, we don’t get to see Mr. Poopybutthole go Super Saiyan, which would have made for one hell of an entertaining addition.

When Rick and Morty finally does return, fans can expect even more fast-paced jokes than usual. In an interview earlier this month, Dan Harmon said that the writing team will be adapting their process to focus on funny ideas, moments, or bits of dialogue first — and then structure stories around those moments, instead of vice versa.

Apparently that style of writing has led to some of the funniest episodes of the show, including the fan-favorites “Pickle Rick” and “Total Rickall.” With any luck that approach might speed up the writing process, with 70+ episodes left to go.