Check Out These Murderous ‘Rick And Morty’ Claymation Shorts Ahead Of The Season 3 Premiere

Over the last couple of years, Rick and Morty on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim has become one of the smartest (and darkest) shows on television. Fans are eagerly awaiting the show’s return on July 30th. We can’t wait for another hit of wacky adventures laced with devastating internal pain. Honestly, if there was ever a Rick and Morty crossover with Bojack Horseman, the world would collapse beneath the cynically hilarious weight, imploding into a black hole of pain disguised as abrasive alcoholism. It probably says something about this generation that we love a good animated black comedy, but let’s not look too hard at that. Instead, let’s look at the non-canon adventures of Rick and Morty!

Over the last several days, claymation flash fiction Rick and Morty shorts have hit in the internet; first in a trickle, and then a deluge. As of this writing, there are five of these shorts. A handful of live-action “commercials” have also been released, including one for Beth’s place of employment at St. Equis Horse Hospital and one using Jerry’s “Hungry For Apples?” campaign slogan. But the real stars are the claymation animation. They’re only 15 seconds long, but if you put them on a loop they should sustain you until the show returns at the end of the month.

Since Morty dies in almost every single one of these shorts, I like to think the “non-canon” adventures are really just the adventures of Ricks and Mortys from other multiverses. A Rick may need his Morty, but the show has definitely established there are darker timelines than the one we watch every week.

If you need more claymation Rick and Morty, check out this compilation from the first time Adult Swim did this back in 2016.

[Via The A.V. Club]