‘Rick And Morty’ Almost Had ISIS Werewolves And Dan Harmon Singing For The Season Three Finale

Rick And Morty season three brought the show its first Emmy nomination and a few surprises along the way regarding story decisions. The April Fool’s premiere of the season sparked the divisive McDonald’s sauce controversy and highlighted the ongoing issue of toxic fandom that seems prevalent across all media. Still, it was a successful season, and it could’ve been even better if this writers’ room session is any proof.

The final episode of season three, “The Rickchurian Mortydate,” features Rick and Morty facing off against the President of the United States after the pair “blow off America.” The episode changed a lot from conception to the finished product, including the absence of the terrifying, diabolical ISIS Werewolves. There isn’t a visual representation, and there isn’t any real explanation, it’s just tossed in there from the start and ends with them fighting with Rick and the president.

Adult Swim

On top of that, we could’ve gotten a Dan Harmon copyright free version of “Eye Of The Tiger” — or at least a song in the tune of the Survivor classic. Luckily we get it in this behind-the-scenes clip, and we learn about the existence of ISIS Werewolves. Maybe it got too real? Perhaps a phone rang, and a person had to leave the room, returning a few minutes later to take ISIS Werewolves off the table. The conspiracy runs deep, friends. How far are you willing to travel down the rabbit hole??

It’s either that or a bunch of dudes sat around bullshitting for a few hours before completely changing everything. Its like college, except not as sad.

(Via Adult Swim)