‘Rick And Morty’ Got A Trippy Fourth Of July Teaser Featuring Hot Dog Rick

07.05.19 1 month ago

We’re just a few months away from Season 4 of Rick and Morty, if Adult Swim is to be believed, and still we’ve seen little of what’s to come on the show that has (at least) 70 episodes left on the docket. Season 3’s last episode aired on October 1 of 2017, and we’ve still yet to see much evidence that any more Rick and Morty does actually exist.

But contracts are contracts, and Cartoon Network promises more is coming. In November of this year, in fact. And it’s taken the Fourth of July holiday to give us another teaser that may not have anything to do with Season 4 but definitely has some references to July 4.

There was actually a lot to see in the 15 second clip, starting with Evil Morty (denoted by an eyepatch) on a beer can.


Fittingly, Rick first shows up as beer fizz that comes from what’s basically an evil version of PBR.

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