Delve Into Dan Harmon And Justin Roiland’s Early Years With ‘Rick And Morty Origins’

Rick and Morty has bred one hell of a cult and with good reason. The Adult Swim series is certifiably brilliant and exists as its own weirdo animal that’s unlike anything else on television. As part of what’s been a real robust crop of Rick and Morty extras, a mini-doc has tumbled out looking back at the early years of creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon dubbed Rick and Morty Origins.

Stuffed with priceless early days footage of Roiland and Harmon, this roughly five-minute video does what the titles promises which is give an origin story of how both men crossed paths. Harmon and Rob Schrab’s vital pre-YouTube short film platform Channel 101 gets a lot of love in the video complete with an appearance from beloved American superhero (and being of endless internal conflict) Laser Fart.

“We did feel like we were underdog legends. We were nerd barbarians,” explained Harmon. “We had made what we were into cool and that was paradise.”

There’s an infectious gung ho spirit to Rick and Morty Origins: Part 1 where there’s all this DIY creativity and just plain ol’ insane hustle. It’s also enough to have you digging through some of the stuff you may have missed from Roiland and Harmon (sometimes separately, sometimes together) on Channel 101. Here are a few starter highlights to lead off with if you need a place to start.