Now Adult Swim Is Releasing A Crap Ton Of ‘Rick And Morty’ Bumps To Get Us Through April Fool’s

We all woke up today with a good idea of what was going to go down. We’d browse our newsfeeds with our guards up, hoping to navigate through the sometimes-funny minefield #brands crafted on April Fool’s Day, all while hoping for, but not expecting, news on Rick and Morty season 3. What we didn’t know is that an especially passionate and loving fan would respond to one of Dan Harmon’s tweets to remind him that no one cares about anything he does as long as Rick and Morty return for season 3 immediately, and accidentally kick off the season in earnest.

Who knew this request demanding more Rick and more Morty from Harmon would be the one to change it all? In 140 characters or less, their little digital message would motivate Dan Harmon to go, “Yep, you’re right. It’s time to stop playing Minecraft and start working on my cool animated show. Where’s Spencer?”

Thanks to this hero, not only are we getting an episode of Rick and Morty season 3 streaming on a loop, but we also have a crap ton of Adult Swim bumps dropped to YouTube to enjoy. Best April Fool’s ever. Thank you, Twitter guy. You did this. You.