‘Rick And Morty’ Fans Are Having A Hard Time Dealing With The End Of Season 3

Rick and Morty season 3 is officially over, and it ended with a pretty epic battle between Rick and the president of the United States of America (no, not our dimension’s version). While all that went down, Beth had a bit of a nervous breakdown and got back together with Jerry, reforming Morty’s nuclear family and resetting things back to the way they were back in season one.

But for such an eventful and hilarious episode, fans online seemed kinda disappointed. Maybe it was Beth’s decision to get back with Jerry. Maybe it was the lack of Evil Morty or Phoenix Person. Maybe it was both, plus the fact that we’ll have to wait some undeterminably long time before the show returns for season four. Whatever the case, Twitter did what Twitter does and got kinda angry.

It’s the wait for season four making everyone so cranky, isn’t it? As Mr. Poopy Butthole predicted, last season took over a year and a half. This time he warned us the show may not return until he has a Santa Claus sized beard. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

But hey, at least Mr. Poopy Butthole is doing so much better now. How about you? What are you going to do with the next year or two of your life?

Or you could hold out for even the slimmest bit of hope that there’s more to come…