The ‘Ricky And Morty’ Team Promises Lots Of ‘Sexual Adventures’ For Beth And Jerry In Season 5

We’re less than a month away from the new season of Rick and Morty — only its fifth since bowing in late 2013. Teasers and trailers have already promised not only a kookier but also a kinkier next batch; there appears to be a bondage-themed episode, and one character is actually named “Horny Ocean Man.” But that’s not all. In a new interview, its voice cast promises lots of randy goings-ons for arguably the most frustrated characters, on-again-off-again sometime-marrieds Beth and Jerry.

“It’s a fun season for Beth and Jerry,” Sarah Chalke, who voices the family matriarch, told Inverse. That’s a big deal: They two split at the end of Season 2, and Jerry spent much of the following two in the dog house, living in a sad divorced dad apartment. They patched things up in Season 4 and appeared to be on the road to recovery. But apparently they’re doing even better than that, partially by exploring their more prurient urges.

Indeed, Chris Parnell, voice of Jerry, semi-jokingly promises “[l]ots of sexual adventures,” Parnell promises. “Season 5 for Jerry and Beth is mostly about their sexual relationship. It’s kind of all the show explores.”

That said, they’ll have to go pretty far into the ether to get anywhere close to the sex positivity of another very blue animated favorite, Big Mouth, which often delves uncomfortably deep into the hellscape of puberty. That said, Rick and Morty has always been a very pro-sex show. Rick has impregnated a robot and reunited with a hive of former lovers, while Jerry has already earned the wrath of an alien lover. In an age when a lot of popular fare is powerfully sexless, bring it on.

(Via Inverse)