‘Rick And Morty’ Seasons 1 And 3 Synced Up Demonstrates The Pure Brilliance Of The Series

As fans anxiously await the officially official season three premiere of Rick and Morty next Sunday, now is probably a great time to revisit the unofficial season three premiere which Adult Swim dropped on us back on April 1st as some sort of reverse April Fool’s joke. Then, perhaps you’d catch this Easter egg that you may have missed the first (or third, or 10th) time around, if Reddit hasn’t already figured it out first, of course.

In conjunction with Friday’s Rick and Morty San Diego Comic Con panel, the “Not Justin Roiland” YouTube account (which recently also uploaded some claymation shorts and that LSD tripping video) released the above clip of the last two minutes of the first episodes of season one and season three of the series. And as you can see, Rick’s deranged Mulan dipping sauce rant to a cowering Morty after having successfully carried out his elaborate plot to get Beth and Jerry to divorce was clearly a very crafted callback to the pilot — as Morty writhes on the floor as a side effect from having smuggled giant seeds in his rectum, while Rick describes all the adventures they’ll go on some day.

Amazing. And no wonder it took them so damn long to finish the third season. But if this is any indication, clearly we have a schwifty treat in store for us.