Rick Grimes Tells The Best (Worst) Dad Jokes

We’ve seen few flashbacks of Rick Grimes before zombies ate Paul McCartney’s (and everyone’s) face off on The Walking Dead, and that’s not a bad thing. He seems like the type of guy who would have been all about the Dad Jokes, when he’s not listening to his Dad Rock in his Dad Pants, that is. He drives COOOORRRRRAAAALLLLL to school, but COOOORRRRRAAAALLLLL makes sure he drops him off a couple of blocks away. The last time he let COOOORRRRRAAAALLLLL out right in front, Rick yelled, “What do you call a male teacher still in college? Teach-him.” “I HATE YOU, DAD. I HOPE A GUY IN AN EYEPATCH SHOOTS YOU IN THE ARM SOMEDAY.”

Anyway, Dad Jokes.

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