Ricky Gervais Gets The Bejesus Scared Out Of Him Thanks To Ellen And Donald Trump

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Plenty of people have been scared by Ellen over the years, but it doesn’t seem like they’re getting wise to her methods just yet. Or maybe they are and they just go with it because it’s daytime television and it shouldn’t be taken too seriously — unlike late night television which is nothing but seriousness. Ricky Gervais has the unfortunate status of getting frightened by Ellen twice, first with his fear of spiders and now with his fear of Donald Trump.

Though really, it’s less Donald Trump and more a guy jumping out of a box while dressed as Trump. Anybody would truly be afraid for a second or two, then realize it was a Donald Trump look-alike and find themselves scared again. This could lead to soiled pants, national embarrassment, and then a long-running feud with Ellen that ends with a triumphant meeting at the next Golden Globes after a string of jokes about Mel Gibson’s drinking.

Still, Gervais gets it pretty good here and will definitely be joining the next compilation of Ellen’s scares once we’ve moved past our national exhaustion with all things Election 2016. I do worry about what the guy in the box will do once this whole jump scare thing runs out of steam. Someone is going to punch him one day and it won’t be fun for him after that.

(Via Ellen)

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