Ricky Gervais Is Clearly Not A Fan Of Children, But He Probably Loves Cats

This clip of Ricky Gervais on Letterman is probably one of the oddest interviews I’ve seen lately, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t funny. In it, Letterman asks a bit about Gervais’ private life, his woman, and his status with having kids.

“Kids are sponges,” Gervais says, “They don’t give you anything back.” It’s a reply to the question of having children that’s almost spot on. The only thing I would change is that they do give back, begrudgingly, later in life when you’re decrepit.

I’m not shocked on anything from this video, but I didn’t know he and his partner, Jane Fallon, were against having kids. I also didn’t know it was somewhat of a news story from last year. Via Huffington Post:

“We never wanted to be parents, with all that entails: the loss of freedom, total dependency,” the British comedian has said. “I’m the sort of person who has to check three times that I’ve shut the door, so I’d probably stare at a kid all day to check it was breathing.”

I think it’s perfectly fine to not have kids and I agree with Gervais in my current state of being. I’d kill a child, unintentionally of course. I barely keep myself alive on a daily basis, not to mention the smoking which makes me the worst person to ever live, apparently.

What I don’t understand are the folks who call people like Gervais and Fallon selfish. There are a lot of kids on the streets and in orphanages who might disagree. I also side with them over a human being that doesn’t even exist, not even in thought.

(Via The Late Show)