Ricky Gervais Tosses Mel Gibson The Boozy Question We’ve Wanted To Ask For Years

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01.10.16 2 Comments

During Sunday evening’s Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais found himself “in the awkward position” of introducing Mel Gibson. As Gervais pointed out, he once cracked a joke (a few years ago at the Globes) about Gibson getting sloppy drunk and uttering a few “unsavory” things. Gervais apologized with as much sincerity as his trademark sarcasm would allow. After visibly struggling for a few moments to say something kind, Gervais finally came up with this: “I’d rather have a drink with him in his hotel tonight than with Bill Cosby.”

Gibson took this in stride as he came on stage and worked the audience with a wry colonoscopy quip. Gervais wasn’t finished, however, and NBC couldn’t bleep the telltale Gervais lips effectively enough: “What the f*ck does sugar t*ts even mean?” (The L.A. Times Amy Kaufman confirmed this in a tweet.) Gibson had a witty comeback for that one too. As for Alan Cumming and his reaction face, they may never recover from the shock.

Finally, if there was any doubt what Gervais really said, this Vine reveals all.

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