Ricky Gervais Gives A NSFW Answer To The Question ‘What’s The Worst Thing About Getting Older’

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Ricky Gervais stopped by The Tonight Show Monday night, where he played “Random People, Random Questions,” a game in which Jimmy Fallon enlists help from random people on the street to ask both he and his guest any questions they want, no matter how weird. Of course, this being The Tonight Show the questions were still pretty tame, with stuff like “which of the seven dwarfs do you most identify with?” (Gervais quickly pointed out that he knew which dwarf Fallon would be, which… no comment.)

Tame questions or not, this is still Ricky Gervais we’re talking about, so of course he found a way to make the game raunchy by injecting dick jokes at every possible turn. When it came to the very innocent question about halfway through the game, “what is the worst thing about getting older,” after taking some time to narrow down all of the terrible aspects of aging, Gervias answered simply: “Pendulous testicles.” As Questlove did a spit take and the audience roared, he continued: “I’m hoping to live long enough to actually trip over them, do you know what I mean?”

Then he went on to share a charming anecdote about not knowing that testicles float in the bath until he was 50, succinctly describing his balls as looking like “a couple of little hot air balloons taking off… in the forest!”

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