Ricky Gervais Talked About The Time He Accidentally Peed On His Girlfriend

Nothing like a good urination tale to get things going for a holiday weekend, right? Ricky Gervais told this one on last night’s Tonight Show, recalling a drunken evening singing “Right By Your Side” by Eurythmics that led to him waking up in the middle of the night and peeing on his girlfriend as she slept.

It was a story that could’ve easily been ripped right out of an episode of Extras because they ended up meeting THE Annie Lennox recently while at the US Ambassador’s home in London and told her the tale. The only difference this time was that Gervais left out the “accidental” part. The perfect dinner conversation.

Gervais also played Funny Face Off with Jimmy Fallon before telling this story, but who honestly needs that?

(Via The Tonight Show)