Ricky Martin Comes To The Defense Of Ejected Journalist Jorge Ramos Against Donald Trump

Ricky Martin has had enough of Donald Trump, and he’s not holding back. The singer has penned a Spanish-language op-ed that was published on Univision’s website. Billboard has printed an English translation here.

In the op-ed, Martin says that Trump’s “audacity” in targeting Latinos makes his “blood boil.” As he writes: “When did this character assume he could make comments that are racist, absurd, and, above all, incoherent and ignorant about us Latinos?”

Of Jorge Ramos, a Mexican journalist for Univision and Fusion who Trump ejected from a press conference yesterday, Martin writes that “enough is enough”:

Jorge Ramos was doing HIS JOB as a journalist at a press conference in which he appeared freely and democratically, representing one of the most important Latin television networks in the world and with the same right to freely exercise his profession as all other journalists.

But this new character in American politics verbally attacks him and ejects him from the press conference.

Martin tells Latinos to not sit back and let the presidential candidate attack Ramos and the Latino community as he has continually done on the campaign trail: “We have to defeat the power that Trump pretends to have over Latinos, anchored in low rhetoric and xenophobic speech, which his campaign team is convinced works for him.”

Speaking of Ramos and Trump, the candidate let the journalist back into yesterday’s presser to ask questions, then talked over him the whole time. You can watch the video above.

There’s also this pesky BuzzFeed article, which details a photo-op Trump held with a group of DREAMers (DREAMers are activists–many of them undocumented themselves–who are campaigning for immigration relief for undocumented minors in the United States).

This meeting was part of a tour where DREAMers told their stories to those most likely to oppose immigration reform. Apparently, Trump ended their meeting with him by exclaiming, “You’ve convinced me.”

What a difference two years make.

(Via Billboard/Univision)