RIP ‘Designing Women’ Star Meshach Taylor, 1947 – 2014

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Designing Women star Meshach Taylor has passed away at the age of 67. From The Hollywood Reporter:

Meshach Taylor, who played the lovable assistant Anthony Bouvier, who worked at the Sugarbaker interior design firm in the CBS hit sitcom Designing Women, has died, his agent Dede Binder confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter. He was 67.

Taylor, who immediately segued to another CBS comedy, Dave’s World, when Designing Women was canceled, died Saturday night at his family’s home in Altadena, where he was receiving hospice care. He “passed away after bravely fighting a terminal illness. His loving family was by his side,” Binder stated.

Apart from Designing Women, Taylor also had other memorable roles across film and television. Horror fans might remember him from Damien: The Omen II or The Howling, others might fondly look back on his key role as Hollywood Montrose in the movie Mannequin. If none of those ring a bell, there were countless shows from the Dabney Coleman vehicle Buffalo Bill, Hill Street Blues, M*A*S*H, and many other ones.

But it was always Designing Women which he was best known. His character Anthony Bouvier was integral to the show’s success and one of his many roles he looked back on fondly:

“I miss that character,” he said in a 2001 interview. “I miss the situations he got himself into. I miss his vulnerability. That’s what’s so nice about playing that character — he really did care for these people so much he was very vulnerable because of his feelings, especially Suzanne (Burke) and the situations she would always involve him in.” (via)

It’s good to make a mark and enjoy yourself while doing it. Taylor certainly seemed to do plenty of that.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter / Deadline)

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