‘Riverdale’ Honored Luke Perry In Its First Episode After His Death

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Riverdale’s most recent episode aired Wednesday night, only two days after the passing of Luke Perry, the Beverly Hills 90210 vet who’d played Archie’s construction company-owning father Fred. There was no way the episode wouldn’t honor him, and so they did. As per ET Online, the episode closed with a simple tribute: a black screen on which were written the words “In Memoriam Luke Perry 1966-2019.”

Perry himself wasn’t absent from the episode either. Archie (KJ Apa) winds up betrayed and attacked in his own home. Fred rushes to his recue and tends to his wounds — a moment given unintended weight following the news of Perry’s death after suffering a massive stroke. Perry will presumably be seen at various points in the current season’s remaining two episodes.

Riverdale’s tribute is one of countless that have come through in the past two days, often over social media, and often involving heartbreaking tales, told by strangers and fellow actors alike, portraying him as a man of uncommon decency, who would go over and beyond to help friends and even strangers. (One from Colin Hanks is particularly gutting.)

Here are but a few:

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True story: I worked with #LukePerry for about a month when I was in my early 20’s… Of course I knew OF Luke but not the man inside the shell… Luke would come to work everyday with a shiny stainless steel briefcase and I would always ask “what’s in the case?” and he would squint his eyes and tell me “You’re not ready to know.”… it became our thing for that small bit of time together “Luke what’s in the case?” “C’mon man tell me what’s in the briefcase?” “Luke. Dude just whisper it.” Finally on one of his last days I’m walking to my dressing room and I hear “Nick” I turn around and there’s Luke standing there alone holding the steel briefcase… “I think you’re ready.” he laid the briefcase on a flat part of a hand rail, pops open the locks like a spy movie, looks me in the eye and lifts it open… Inside was three Coors Light cans… He grabs one and hands it to me (it was such a great play)we share a laugh he shuts the briefcase and leaves… Maybe a dozen or more years later I’m at Comic Con in San Diego in a holding area and my show was about to go sign or something and I hear someone say “Nick” I turn and I see the squint eyed smile of Luke and I remember being floored he even remembered me but I was also so stoked to see him. I gave him a hug and said “please, please tell me you still have the briefcase?…” his reply: “yup, Coors and all”… God dammit he was cool and most importantly kind. Heartfelt condolences to his family and friends… #RIPLukePerry

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Even a story that begins with people remembering ogling him on a plane ends with him doing a good deed.

And then there was this post, from Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre Sacasa.

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