Rob Delaney Is Suing Kim Kardashian

11.01.11 6 years ago 26 Comments

Comedian Rob Delaney (who you might recognize from the “MA Men” spoof of “Mad Men”) is awesomely suing Kim Kardashian (as well as E! Entertainment, Ryan Seacrest, and Comcast) for ditching her marriage after making millions of dollars off of her wedding. Delaney laid out a compelling argument in his Vice column:

I’ve been married for five years. To the same woman. I’ve wanted to divorce her at times. She’s wanted to divorce me at times. But one great thing about marriage, when it’s entered by regular folks, in good faith, is that it’s hard to exit. It costs money. You have to talk to lawyers during business hours except whoops—you have a job that you need to earn money to buy food and pants—so when are you going to both take the time to do that? By the time you’d have gotten around to it, you’ve forgiven each other and maybe even reached a new appreciation for each other as you worked through whatever seemingly insurmountable problem made you hate each other for 20 minutes while you sat in your shitty car outside a CVS yelling at each other and crying.

There’s a lot more to it than that, but the paragraphs are long and I can only cherry-pick bits and pieces due to my crippling AD/HD. You should read the whole thing (and no, he’s not kidding).

Listen, it’s blatantly obvious that the wedding was a sham publicity stunt orchestrated so the Kardashian “brand” (ugh) could generate more revenue, and this handy little divorce is a big middle finger to common married folk who actually work hard to share their lives together. Kim Kardashian is the 1%, and Rob Delaney’s lawsuit is the Occupy Wall Street movement (minus the hippies).

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