Watch Jimmy Kimmel Grill Toronto Mayor Rob Ford About All His Crazy Antics, Wipe Sweat Off His Brow

As we noted yesterday, a producer for Jimmy Kimmel Live stated that no topic would be off limits when Toronto mayor and human ball of fun Rob Ford appeared for a long form interview on Monday night. And he wasn’t kidding.

Kimmel ran through the gamut of Ford’s wild adventures last night, and he had the mayor red-faced and sweating and squirming in his chair. (Admittedly, that may have had nothing to do with the questioning — he’s a pretty red/sweaty/squirmy guy.)

In the first segment, Kimmel read Ford some letters from unhappy Toronto citizens. Domestic abuse, drunk driving, racism, homophobia, and fashion choices were all topics of conversation.

Next it was on to an entertaining segment comparing the way Ford interacts with the general public to the way LA’s mayor conducts himself in public. (Spoiler alert: FORD IS BETTER AT IT.) Kimmel also asked about Ford daring the Toronto police chief to arrest him, and his ballsy insistence that the infamous crack-smoking video be made public.

After a commercial break, Kimmel questioned Ford’s exercise and eating habits. Then they get to the fun stuff: Ford’s recent video highlights, including running into cameras, the drunken Jamaican accent thing, his ill-fated attempt to play football, a clip of him streamrolling a fellow politicians, and much more. He’s like the Dominique Wilkins of incredibly entertaining buffoonery.

Kimmel closed with some serious questions about Ford’s re-election campaign and how his next term would work. He also shared some honest concerns about Rob Ford the human being.

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